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Milagro Skin Refiner ( Nano) 

Nano chip is 16mm, so it is very versatile to treat differente areas on the entire face or body. You are able to treat an entire area for overall skin exfoliation & refinement. Or target specific areas like forehead lines, crows feet, eye sagging & puffiness, hyperpigmentation, skin discolorations, lines & creases around the mouth, loose neck, jack line, decollete, acne, scarring, folliculitus, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, hair loss, spider veins. 

In most cases the first session 20% decrease hair, but always several sessions are needed to eliminate it completely.

The ideal age is from 13 years, it is important that the minor is convinced somneterse treatment, if treatment is applied before puberty, sometimes the hair can back out, not in the same quantity rather all cases.
It is important to the parent or legal guardian in case of minor patient must sign the consent to undergo the treatment, and at the time that the treatment will do this always accompanied by an adult.​

What it's the laser hair removal?

​There are many factors to know and that directly affect hair removal such as age, skin conditions, hair thickness, metabolism, genetics, strong hair follicle, hormonal problems, the body, the stage that hair growth is found, etc. Each person is different so it is difficult to recommend a specific number of sessions. In most cases between thicker hair removal is faster. The hair contains melanin which is responsible for giving color to the hair, so the more pigment has the fastest hair is hair removal.

So Be Bare Laser Clinichas promotions month after month that can be adapted to your needs.

Laser hair removal

- Immune Systems

- Injuries

- Skin conditions 

- Strees Relief 

- Wheight loss

- Sleep and Energy 

- Detoxification


- Heart Health 

When results are?

What it's the right age for laser treatment?

The laser delivers energy through the light in one direction (unidirectional) and through a single beam (consistency)Over the years many types of lasers have been used for medical and cosmetic purposes, which are to emit intense light and selective working exclusively on the surface of the skin without any secondary hazard. This light as already mentioned are used for several purposes, delipación

the energy generated by the light is absorbed by the hair, preventing its creationType your paragraph here.

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Health Benefits: 

It has side effects?

How many sessions i need?

Treatment areas:

Milagro skin refiner is an advanced Skin treatment technology wich is customized to suit any skin type and condition. The active ingredients of products being used during the treatment, are released deep down into the dermis to target the signs of aging. The milagro skin refiner more effectively boosts the active ingredients and stimulates collagen and elastin to refine damageof sun, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, poor skin texture, uneven skin tone, wrinles, dyschromias, scarring and acne solutions. 

Refurface, remodel, regenerate, refine, renw, 100% natural, non invasive/no trauma or injury, gentle and safe, painless. 

Some people may experience discomfort with the laser pulse, which is removed in seconds and is minimized by a cooling system. It is also important to note that the discomfort depends on the sensitivity of each person and the area being treated, so some people feel less discomfort than others.